My work is deeply inspired by:

  • mechanical automata

  • dioramas

  • magical arts

  • optical illusions

  • window displays

  • museum exhibits

  • themed environments

  • haunted attractions

  • sideshow culture

  • circus arts

  • horror & suspense

  • burlesque

From an early age, I have had an interest in the magical, theatrical, whimsical, and macabre.

Of all the mediums I work in, I particularly enjoy altered art & assemblage due to the juxtaposition of items brought together for another purpose.  It's quite exciting because often times, that purpose is not fully known until the piece is complete. I actively scavenge for that "diamond in the rough" - any unique item that I feel a connection to. These items then live in my studio until their time to shine.

My work utilizes my eclectic skill set as a designer, carpenter, painter, model maker, and craftsman. When not creating art for myself, I work in the live entertainment industry.

I reside in the humidity of the southeastern United States with my bride, offspring, and feline.

Thank you for your interest.